Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Watching Critically

I had never thought much of watching cartoons to learn principals of animation. Up until this year when I've been starved to learn about what makes a drawing of a character, a cartoon...

There are far too many things to discuss in one post that someone can learn from the early Popeye cartoons. I certainly plan on raising some points to consider that I've learned from watching these cartoons

A little premature...

I came to class a little too early and I sit now with the young talent of next years first year animators. I hope to see some brand spankin new stuff from these guys this month. I should be doing some of my own work but knowing too well what they are going through mentally and emotionally, I feel like I need to do whatever I can to put their mind at ease. WORK HARD GUYS

Pink Panther Walk

Go forth, my son, into the world on a continuous westward direction. Enter triumphantly from the left, marching steadfast along the horizon. Shine on you crazy french detective pursued diamond based literal interpretation.

Ball and Tail

I passed a kidney stone last semester
it sprouted a tail and left on a quest to join the Argonauts